Moving from a cot to a bedNew year, new bed!

As the new year rolls around many people set resolutions and goals for themselves and their families.  Mine is not inspiring or lofty it is simply to stop putting it off and move my two year old into a “big girl bed.” I’m also putting off potty training but that is a whole other post!

With my first child I googled articles and lists to find out if she was ready. This time I know that number 2 is ready because a) she threw herself out of the cot in a fit of rage one day and b) she is banging her head in the night and waking herself up, therefore waking us up too!

There is no specific time for parents to switch children from a cot to a bed.

Often it is when the child can climb out of the cot, they grow too tall or in many cases the cot is needed for a new sibling. (This is most definitely not the case in our house!)

If the cot is needed for a new brother or sister it is best to do this at least 6 weeks before the arrival of a new baby. That way they are settled in their new bed before the changes that a new sibling will bring to their life.

I have 17 months difference between my children so to make it easier I just borrowed another cot for a while to make life easier for our family.

When you are ready to move them there are a few things to take into consideration.

Are you going to use a guard rail?
Some people put pillows on the floor incase the child falls out.
I have seen a pool noodle tucked underneath the sheet, which I thought was a good idea.

Many people make a big deal about getting a “big bed” and get new bedding but you might find that your little one is happy with their cot blanket or sleeping bag.
What ever works in your house!
We have a brand new Frozen duvet ready to go.

With my oldest I put the cot into her room as I had the space but I should have put the bed where the cot was as it did throw her. She wasn’t nearly as confident as I thought she would be and took along time to settle into a bed.

Second time round I know it will take some time and I am going to try and be more patient!

What tips do you have for moving your little ones from a cot to a bed?