I love my children and I love being able to spend time with them but sometimes being a mum can be lonely and isolating.

When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby I found that I was very emotional and had times where I was quite low. It felt like no one truly understood what I was going through. I am sure that they did but at the time, loaded with hormones and with a very busy toddler, I couldn’t see that. I just wanted someone to tell me that they knew what it was like and felt exactly the same or if not exactly the same they could empathise with what I was going through. I wanted to find someone like me that I could talk to or that would understand.
Someone to say “it will be ok.”

And so the seed of The Mother Hood was planted!

When you have your first baby there is a lot of support – your midwife, plunket, your coffee group and all manner of family and friends who offer to help. ┬áBut second time around (and I imagine third and forth time) is completely different. You are expected to just get on with it and you do know so much more but it amazing how much you forget (or maybe blank out)!

So as the juggle of being a mum of two began. I had this little bud of an idea in the back of my mind wondering how I could reach out to other mums and help them and how they could in turn help me.

I was following other groups online and watching the support and encouragement that women were giving too each other. Asking and answering each others questions, encouraging each other and building up online communities.
Here I was stuck at home trying to remember when was the right time to give my baby a piece of toast and that is when it hit me!

I could start a community, of my own, for mums – somewhere that mums could ask each other questions, seek advice and I could provide information, forums and sometimes have a bit of a laugh!

And so The Mother Hood grew from that idea and continues to grow.

It is somewhere that mums can be supported and feel empowered. It is a place where mums can be themselves and not risk being judged. We all have good days and we all have bad days but we can come together and build each other up during these times.

It’s somewhere to celebrate our successes – the big ones and the small ones.

But more importantly it is somewhere that you will always find someone else that understands.

So pop on over and join the hood – if you haven’t already!