Where I started

In 2014 after my second baby, I decided that it was time to lose some baby weight.  I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I had a goal, I worked hard, lived on vegetables and protein (not much wine) and managed to lose 15kg. I was pretty determined and focused.

In the past I had managed to lose a bit of weight here and there, I had exercised but I had never really followed through. I made excuses, work would get in the way, I had a pretty good social life and lets face it I really like food (and wine)!

But for some reason this time I was able to stick with it.

I think one of the reasons for this was I found ways that worked for me. I set small goals and worked towards them. I had a good routine but I also allowed myself treats occasionally.
I started changing a few things at a time. I kept it simple!
I walked and I went to Fit Mums.

Fit Mums

Going along to Fit Mums for the first time was pretty daunting, joining anything where you don’t know anyone and its all brand new is pretty daunting but it was one of the best decisions the I have ever made. It literally changed my life.

Fit Mums is the official name of what I often call “mummy bootcamp.” I am able to go along with my children and exercise with a group of likeminded mums. No one minds if the kids grizzle, cry, or need a feed as everyone else is a mum and has been there too. There is not many groups you can go to and no one really minds a smelly nappy change in the middle of the room – even thought they give you a (good natured) hard time about it.

Not everyone has young children but that doesn’t matter – other mums know how hard it is some days to get out the door. They know what its like to have been up all night with a teething baby or will happily listen to you have a moan about your other half.
They have your back!

The support from the group is great – whether it is fitness and health related or if it’s personal. I moved back to town after being away for nearly 20 years  It has been a great way for me to meet lots of new people.  Many of the mums that I have meet at Fit Mums have become really good friends.

Corinne and Sam from Fit Fix are also mums. They are the ultimate professionals and that is extremely important when you are dealing with mums who are returning (or starting exercise) after having a baby. They also “get it” they know what its like to be a busy mum trying to squeeze in time for yourself, while juggling a busy family. They are passionate about what they do – helping others discover and create a healthy lifestyle.  And its Fun!

Can you tell I’m kind of hooked?

It has now become more about being fit and strong than it has about losing weight. Somewhere along the way my focus changed. I like to mix up my exercise and I also discovered running. I was never a “runner” – I hated it!

If you had told me 5 years ago, hell if you’d told me 3 years ago that I would run for fun I would have laughed hysterically!
I think a lot of mums discover running because it is time out away from the kids – I enjoy getting out in the fresh air and doing something for me.

In 2015 my goal was to be able to maintain the weight I had lost – I had to, I had thrown all my clothes away and brought new ones, I managed to keep most of it off but slowly a little bit of the weight has crept back on. I recently found my shorts getting a bit tight, I thought that it was just because they had been washed but no that was not the case. I made myself get on the scales and low and behold I discover, once again, that you can’t eat everything you want, drink lots of wine and not expect your clothes to get tight.

So as of last week I am back on the healthy eating wagon! I am trying hard to regain my discipline and just have treats occasionally. Yes I’d love to be able to eat what I like but that is never going to be the case. I know there are things I can’t have in the house as I will eat the whole bag – damn you salt and vinegar chips! But I don’t restrict myself I just have to be more careful.

So my top tips for losing the baby weight are…..

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make small changes
  3. Find exercises or classes that are fun.
  4. Find a group that have your back!
  5. Find what works for you!

At times its hard and I am far from perfect – I could murder a chocolate bar right now but I know that its worth it!
I just have to stay strong!!!

Have you lost weight in the past or thinking about it?
I’d love to hear how you got on.