I was lucky enough to discover Cottage Kitchen Studio just in time to do my Christmas shopping.
As soon as I walked into Hannah’s house my senses were overtaken by the most beautiful aromas.
I knew that I was hooked!

On the table and around the room were luxurious hand poured candles, beautiful soy melts, reed diffusors and soaps.
Just looking at all the beautiful products you can see the attention to detail that Hannah puts into every single item.

What I love is the personal touch that Hannah adds to all of her products. Whether she is putting together individual orders or packs for weddings and baby showers.

Hannah Milich runs Kitchen Cottage Studio from home and as we settled down to chat I could clearly see the passion she has for what she creates.


*How did Kitchen Cottage Studio come about?

I decided that if I could handle bringing up children then I could handle running my own business. That fear of failure just disappeared and was replaced with a ‘why not?!’ attitude and as cliché as it sounds, having my girls gave me the confidence and motivation to follow my dreams.

On top of that I LOVE candles – specifically Soy Candles and I couldn’t find a reasonably priced supplier that used good quality ingredients. So that is how it all began…


*Tell us what is special about your products?

They are all hand made with LOVE and they smell so goooood!

But on a more serious note. We work really hard to use the best quality ingredients that we can afford while still keeping our prices down. Our ingredients are not tested on animals and they come from ethical and sustainable sources.


*What is is like running a business from home?

It is definitely challenging. Especially as I only have 6 childfree hours during the ‘normal’ working week. I decided that 2016 was going to be all about finding balance – yeah I am still working on that…

A few things that have helped me stay sane are: To Do Lists, Meal Planning, Bulk Cooking and a Cleaning Roster (yes that is right – A Cleaning Roster).

I also have a really supportive husband and father. I just couldn’t do it without them!


*What are your favourite Cottage Kitchen Studio products right now?

Initially we started out for the love of candles and I like to think that Home Fragrance is an area we specialise in but right now I can’t stop talking about our Cottage Kitchen Fairies range. We make Fairy Doors. The look on a child’s face when they spot a Fairy Door in the backyard is just priceless. I think we can all do with a little more magic in our lives!

I would just love to see them all over Whangarei….

*What is ahead for Cottage Kitchen Studio?

We will continue to add more quality products to both our Home Fragrance Range as well as our Cottage Kitchen Fairies range. Also we would love to have Cottage Kitchen Studio all over NZ so we are currently looking for more stockists – it’s a great excuse to take ‘Fruju’ (our very retro pop top) out for a road trip and see a bit more of NZ!


*And most importantly where can we get our hands on your beautiful products?

I sell directly through my Facebook page ttps://www.facebook.com/cottagekitchenstudio/ as well as these amazing stockists…

Mint Floral

The French Hen

Kamo Books & Gifts

David’s Pharmacy


Kallos Beauty

Sparkle Spa Boutique



To celebrate having Hannah on the blog we have an original Cottage Kitchen Studio
“Troll Door” to give away.

All you have to do is comment below with where you might put it in your garden.

Closing Friday 12th Feb so get in quick!

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