Have you ever met someone and just thought “Wow I wanna be their friend!”
That’s how I felt when I met the talented Katrina Ward who runs Outie.

We had a quick chat, while our toddlers ran around under foot and I was intrigued.
I wanted to know more about this talented Mama, who was wearing a very cool dress.

Katrina is one talented Mama! ¬†She does custom drawings and prints, paints, designs fabrics AND she has the most fantastic “Knocker Frocks” for breastfeeding mums.
Oh and she writes too.

Somehow while doing all this she is a mum of two little cuties.
She is one of those women you look at and think “how do you do it?”
(I think I have a little bit of a girl crush)

This is a custom drawing that she did of my little one and I am absolutely thrilled with it!

All I had to do was to email Katrina a photo and she sent me back this wonderful print.
I can’t get over how well she captured my cheeky monkey!

It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I was far to excited and showed everyone.
Luckily Katrina has many other beautiful and interesting things at Outie that there is something for everyone!

Besides it is so gorgeous that it is going on the wall!
I just can’t decide which one I like best.
Flowers or Christmas?