Fashion fabulous mum of Thrift Nation Brooke Gibson.I have the pleasure of introducing you to “fashion fabulous mum” Brooke Gibson of Thrift Nation. The mum who is taking on the fashion world and bringing it to mums on a budget!

What is Thrift Nation?
Thrift Nation is a pre loved clothing boutique that specializes in designer and high end clothing and accessories. We have also recently launched our Style Coaching service dedicated to helping woman look good and Feel good on a budget.

How did Thrift Nation come about?
Can I say sitting on the beach after a few wines?
All jokes aside I have always had taste for the finer things in life and fashion was no exception, However after I had my daughter there was not as much disposable income and once I had worn something or “got over it” i would then sell it online.
I then started doing the same for friends and family and realized very quickly I could make a living out of selling pre loved items and it grew from there.

How did you start?
I started off selling items on others behalf on our website and now I also source my own items from all over the country.

What made you decide to go into business?
I had a “real job” that I really enjoyed however after having baby number two it made me realize that I wanted to be around more for them, to be able to pick them up from school, to have a level of flexibility around my day.
That was when the seed was planted.

How does Thrift Nation work?
We source our items from all over New Zealand and specializes in high end fashion, We have 4 main ways to purchase, our website, our Instagram and Facebook, we hold a number of VIP evenings where you can come enjoy a glass of bubbles and try on any items that you fancy and lastly we are regulars at The Collective Marketplace, which is held seasonally.

What is special about Thrift Nation?
Here at Thrift Nation we believe all women are beautiful no matter of size, shape or age.It is our mission to help them “Look good and Feel good.”


Some of the fabulous dresses that Thrift Nation has on offer.

What is it like running a business from home?
Ha ha ha ha quite often you will find me typing away with one child on my knee and the other at my feet or working until the early hours of the morning. However this is the way I want it to be as it means I am available for my children when they need me. I grab every second I can to get a post up or pop an item in a courier bag.
My husband is a huge help and gives me time to lock myself away in the office when I need it.

What are your favourite aspect of running Thrift Nation?
Being a business run from home I love the fact I am available for my kids, however getting first dibs on anything that comes in is a very close second.

What is ahead for Thrift Nation?
I can’t give away too much… however we have a number of things in the works including a magazine article. watch this space

Make sure you check out for your next purchase or to contact Brooke about Style Coaching.

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