Meet the mums behind Mainstream Green

I read somewhere that through the products she uses, the average woman puts over 100 different chemicals on her skin everyday. That kinda blew my mind.

They also surround us in the cleaning products we use, our clothes, our furnishings, and even our food…

Whilst not all chemicals are bad, some of them are, and a lot of them we’re not really sure about yet. A lot of the present day chemicals haven’t been around that long and we also don’t know what they do when they get together and have a party with all of their new chemical mates.

Spoiler alert:

I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not a chemist. In fact science is far from my intellectual strong suit (I’m still trying to figure out what is).

So to make life easy, I just roll with the philosophy of keeping things simple and being conscious about what I put on, in and around my family.

I believe it’s better for the well being of people and also the planet.


Simple changes:

When it comes to my kids, I do what I can to decrease their chemical load.

You can’t control everything, but there’s some really freaken simple things that you can do that will have a significant impact.

1. Where are you putting that?

What we feed our kids is crucial, but I also try to focus on what I put food into.

Plastic is so practical, but it loves getting amongst our food by leaching all sorts of randomness into it.

Plastic is at it’s nastiest when it hooks up with heat.

The first step I took was to stop heating in plastic, allowing hot food to cool down before I stored it and not leaving plastic drink bottles in the sun.

Start doing that and you’re already winning.

 2. It’s what’s on the outside that counts:

Despite the myriad of choices that are out there, I don’t believe little people need their own 18-step skincare regime.

For my tribe, I wash hair and bodies with what’s called a castile soap – basically a pure soap with nothing nasty added to it.

Diluted apple cider vinegar replaces conditioner and almond oil is the all over moisturiser for the whole family.

That’s it. Simple.

3. All over:

Not a fun one to think about, but our clothing is treated with all sorts of nasty stuff to get those awesome colours and make them easy to wash.

I wasn’t a fan of dressing my kids entirely in organic hemp clothing, so instead I wash everything before they wear it and opt for natural fibres for underwear.

4. Why don’t you play with this one?

I had visions of my kids only playing with wooden blocks and organic fabric dolls, ahhh another delusion of parenthood.

I do what I can to minimise the tsunami of plastic toys, but there are some things that are unavoidable. My priority was to ensure that when my kids were at the stage of putting everything in their mouth I made sure it was something natural.

3. Get rooted:

Mother Nature is a good b!tch and she made plants super awesome at filtering bad stuff out of our air. Having some plants around the house and especially in your kid’s bedrooms can filter up to 90% of the nasties, and they look cool.

Don’t believe me? Trust NASA. They have a list of ten houseplants that are super heroes when it comes to air quality – and those guys know science and stuff.


One small change:

At Mainstream Green, we talk about making ‘one small change’. It’s not about trying to do everything and smash the record for being the fastest

It’s about small incremental change that sticks. So focus on one thing you are going to do to differently, that’s it. Trust me.


Mainstream Green:

We’re all about living a bit simpler and a bit greener. It’s better for you, your family and the planet. We get that sh!t gets a little chaotic when you’re juggling the mother load and  so we share secret plans and clever tricks so that you can make simple changes which have a big impact. We keep it real.