The Mother Hood birth stories have been lovingly shared by mums. In their own words they have told the story and experience of their child’s birth.
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Rochelle's birth story - Welcome to the world baby Silva

Rochelle and Nic:

Baby’s name:

Baby’s date of birth:
7 November 2016

Where do you live?

Where did you plan to give birth?
At home

Where did you actually give birth?
At home

Tell us about your pregnancy?
I bled nearly everyday for first 3 months which was frustrating and a bit scary as I’d previously had 2 miscarriages. After the first trimester I stopped bleeding and had the perfect pregnancy. I was fit and healthy and worked up until the week before my birth.

What happened when you went into labour?
I had a show at around 4pm. So i thought yay its going to start tonight. Labour started round 6pm (very gentle contractions i knew it was the start). We had dinner put the 2 older kids to bed round 8pm.

Progressed nicely. We watched a movie then at 9pm contractions were 3min apart. We were about to pH midwife but alas next contraction was 15mins later! So we watched another movie. Contractions were quite sporadic sometimes 1min apart sometimes 10mins until around midnight when things started moving. 1am we phoned midwife she arrived 1.30am. She had enough time to set up her gear and we had him at 1.54am beside the fire.

Did you go to hospital or stay at home?

Share your birth experience
Music, fire, my hubby rubbing my back. Wheat pack was wonderful. Candles burning. At home where our previous 2 sons had been born. Now 11.5y and 7y exactly (3rd baby born on his big bros bday).Music, fire, my hubby rubbing my back. Wheat pack was wonderful. Candles burning. 

What things would you do the same?
I’d do it all the same was very blessed at how smooth everything went.

Would you do differently?

What advice would you give to other mums?
When it hurts so much and you feel like you can’t push anymore grit your teeth push your chin down and push out the baby. (My first birth I pushed for 3hrs as I found it hard to get over the pain and kept stopping just when I needed to push harder). Trust in your body and make sure you have an experienced midwife.That last bit of advise it I believe the most important.