Untitled design-2Roll up, roll up and see the performance of the amazing balancing mum!

This week I have been involved in several conversations with other mums about finding “balance.”
The balance between children, work, home, families, husbands, finding time for yourself (what’s that?) cooking, cleaning, children (again) sleep, etc, etc, etc…..

Yes for mums the struggle is real!

We all know that there is no such thing as the perfect mum.
No mother these days would give a second thought to trying to be the ‘perfect mum’ – that ship has well and truly sailed.

“Finding the balance” has now become the the elusive holy grail that the modern mum strives for.
But can we ever find the balance? And what is it that we really want?

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As mums we want the best for our families, we want to be able to work if we want to or to not work if we want too, we want to spend time with our children, partners and friends. We also want time to ourselves – to do what we want to do. We want to have hobbies, passions and the time to dream.

As with most thing we look at other mothers and think “how do they do it” they seem to have it all together. They seem to be able to find that balance. They see to have it all together!

But guess what?
When we look from the outside in we never see the full picture!
Its easy to think someone has it all together but 99% of the time they are struggling too.
Most mums are just juggling the ‘motherload’ the best they can too.

That is what we are doing – juggling.
And yes like everything some people do it easier than others.
I think that motherhood is a continual juggle.
Some days we have more balls in the air than others.
And some days we drop them – all of them and they come crashing down around us!

Those are the days that we need to learn to forgive ourselves. To pick ourselves up (have a glass of wine) and know that tomorrow is another day and that those balls with be back up in the air.

Hey lets face it – The show must go on!