We often hear how Christmas is about giving but after reading comments online this week I think that this year we should make it about KINDNESS.

This week I read a post that had my heart bursting with joy.

It was from a busy mum of two young children. She was in the supermarket with her three year old and new baby, when her little one decided, as tiny babies do that it needed to be cuddled. So she picked up bub and continued to manoeuvre her trolley, containing the three year old and the shopping around the supermarket. By the time she got to the checkout the baby was starting to really let rip, having read about mums getting a hard time from random strangers for feeding their babies in public, this mum was understandably nervous as she latched her baby on to the breast.

Instead of encountering dirty looks and scorn this mum was so surprised by the support and help that she got from the other shoppers around her. Pleasant comments from elderly ladies who reminisced about feeding their babies, others that entertained her three year old and commented “what a good patient girl she was.” People offered to help with her shopping, help her to the car and simply giving her knowing looks that they too knew what it was like to juggle small children.

Not only was it heart warming to read this post but to also read all the comments following. So many other mama’s had had similar experiences and offers of help and it got me thinking about how we can spread kindness, especially over Christmas, which can be an overwhelming and stressful time for many families.

Instead of the focus being on giving this Christmas let’s put it on kindness – which is really a type of giving that doesn’t have to cost anything!

We can all teach kindness

Whether it is a knowing smile at a mum struggling with a hectic toddler, or helping someone load their shopping into the car. It could simply be being kind to ourselves and not placing huge expectations on ourselves to be super women this Christmas.

Every night before my children go to sleep I ask them “What have you done that was kind today?” They are three and four so this usually involves helping someone when they were “sad” or hurt. But it’s a start to teach them and build an awareness that kindness is important and the different things we can do to be kind.

Christmas is a time when we think about doing things for others – but with the financial strain that sometimes comes with Christmas we don’t always have the money to help out financially with charities or even the time, if we are busy juggling families and work commitments.

Be kind

We can all think about how we are treating others as we rush around trying to get everything done over the next few weeks, as we finish up our work, race to school functions, deal with excitable tired children.

As you weave your way through the busy supermarket think about how you respond to those around you and be kind.

Be aware that children are excited, tired and hot and be kind.

Understand that people around you are often stressed, busy and would rather be sitting on a beach than buying that last minute Christmas present and be kind.

Take the small amount of time over the next couple of weeks to be kind to those around you, and to yourself.  It is a great time to teach your children how we can so easily be kind to others by simple actions and thoughtfulness.

This Christmas let’s make a real effort to simply above all else BE KIND!


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