She loves to dress up, demands to wear her party dress at 6.00am, doesn’t like broccoli and has started to huff very loudly when things don’t go her way! (The verbal equivalent of the eye roll).

She can be stubborn, argumentative and strong willed.

But I think the threenager gets a bit of a bad rap.

We forget all the wonderful things that three year olds do.

They throw their arms around you and tell you that they love you.

They whisper (or try to whisper) secrets in your ears – while their little hands cup your cheeks.

They love to crawl into bed beside you and snuggle.

Their little world is full of wonderful and interesting observations – they know where the birds nest are, that the ants go into the little hole in the concrete and that blowing into the straw makes the most hilarious bubbles!

When we go out for a walk we have to read every number, on every letter box, look down every drain and examine all of the manholes we come across.

They do things in their own time and the phase “I can do it” is on constant repeat.

It is incredible how much they learn in such a short amount of time. They really are little sponges of information.

So next time you are tearing out your hair as your threenager flounces down the hallway because you won’t let them wear their summer nighty to kindy in 2 degree temperature (or that may just be mine?) remember those spontaneous “I love you,” the little hand that finds yours when you are out walking and the little arms that wrap themselves so tightly around your neck you never want them to let go!