Sand is a great way to keep toddlers busy.

Toddlers have short attention spans and are go go go!

Keeping them busy is not easy, as they tear from one activity to the next, leaving behind them a wake of destruction.

Recently the mums in The Mother Hood (Members Only) group came up with a list of tried and tested activities that they give their toddlers and I wanted to share them with all of you.

  • Outdoor walks and active games like obstacle courses or running races.
  • Indoor obstacle courses or games
  • A trip to the toy library
  • Play dough – with small bowls, utensils, cupcake cases.
  • Dry pasta/rice with bowls and spoons (tongs are great too).
  • Threading large beads (the toy library may have some).
  • Large sidewalk chalk on the concrete or fence.
  • Large paint brushes with a bucket of water and paint the fence.
  • Dolls and prams/cot – Tea towels make great little blankets.
  • Using an empty formula tin cut a hole in the top and post pegs into it or milk bottle tops.
  • Teasets
  • Indoor tents/tunnels or dens with blankets.
  • Messy play – if stuck inside pop them in the bath. Shaving foam, food colouring in the water, bubble bath, paint brushes,water wheels, water crayons.
  • Coloured pipe cleaners and a colander.
  • Pom poms and muffins tins or cupcake cases (packs of pom poms are relatively cheap.
  • Sand in a tray with small animals.
  • Small cars and ramps (old bits of wood or plywood are great for this).
  • A set of plastic skittles. (These can also be made from plastic bottles – add a little water to stop them falling over to easily).
  • A basket or box to throw balls into.
  • Torches
  • Washing plastic dishes in a big tub.

This is a great list of activities and I am looking forward to trying them out on my little one over the next few weeks.

Which ones are you going to try?