Survival tips for travelling with children this summer

Travelling with children will be fun and enjoyable for the whole family with a few basic helpful hints and advice. You don’t need to stress and do a lot for this to happen!

Firstly I say remember the Scouts Motto? BE PREPARED

Any travel is better if you are prepared and especially when travelling with children. Give them some responsibility and get them involved before you go by helping to choose your hotel or similar (you may be surprised) and packing their own backpacks (Include a Flashlight!)


You really don’t want to arrive at a destination with tired and hungry kids. This creates melt downs and stress. Have a place booked, or a place to go so you are not struggling to find a bed and somewhere to put yourselves. Travelling can be very tiring.


In case of delays have plenty of snacks and drinks at the ready! Things always seem a lot better when you are fed and hydrated!!


Remember that kids love to explore, they don’t have time concepts, so you are more likely to keep you cool, if you allow for toilet stops, faffing about and unprepared melt downs.

Always have a game or two, pens and paper, cards, stickers or word searches. These are a great way to occupy time.

  • You can give them a task, something to spot or count. Ie we often play how many green cars or blue cars!
  • A disposable camera when sightseeing – kids love taking photos
  • Take public transport if possible, when travelling its really easy in most places and cost effective – kids get a real buzz on buses, ferries, trains or boats.

If slightly older, or active like mine, keep activities coming, get them to keep diary or collect memorials of their trip, Postcards(they could write on the back of these to remember) or magnets for the fridge. (some of these you probably cannot take back home with you!! So get the kids to take photos for an album)


Treats are ok and we all give them but sugar generally only gives them a sugar rush and depletes energy so do this at the right time!!!


Hand sanitizers, Insect repellent, antibacterial wipes (Great for every occasion!!)


I always have in my hand luggage a change of clothes (you never know when you need them!) Especially with kids, Everyone is better when they are comfortable. If you are travelling from a hot destination to a cold or vice versa then you can get changed on the aircraft and arrive in the appropriate clothing whilst everyone is struggling with the heat or freezing from the cold.


If you haven’t taught your child to remember your phone number or they are too young to do this yet write it on their arm. If they get lost, someone can contact you immediately and avoid all the stress. (this is great for those big events like Christmas in the park!)

Register at before you travel.

Travel Smarter, be prepared, stay positive and Have Fun!

REMEMBER – Kids love exploring, growing and learning and we are never too old!!!

This month’s guest blogger is Deanna Johnston from NZ Travel
With 15 years experience in the travel industry, Deanna is passionate and ready to assist with all your travel needs. No enquiry is too big or too small.