The Babysitters Club

Have you got a big night out coming up soon?
A busy day full of meetings that you don’t want to drag a troublesome two year old?
Asked the Grandparents one to many times?

Today I am introducing Georgia Meek who has set up an innovative service for parents…
The Babysitters Club!

Georgia and her team have an agency of experienced babysitters that have been vetted – police checked, reference checked and put through a thorough interview process.

I love the idea that with a quick phone call or email I could organise an experienced babysitter for my children!

Such a great concept for busy mums.

What is The Babysitters Club

The Babysitters Club is a premium babysitting agency, which connects passionate, experienced and trustworthy babysitters with families in need. We understand the struggles of having to find a babysitter, so we have built an amazing network of 70 babysitters that cater to a range of families within the Auckland and Tauranga Regions. We cater to those who need sitters for a night out, events, weddings, work etc.

How did the Babysitters Club come about?

In my second year of training to become a Primary School Teacher, I really wanted to gain more experience to assist me with my understanding of children, as a lot of my peers had been gaining this experience through volunteering in Schools. Because I had to pay my bills, I had committed myself to working in a surf shop, which therefore meant I didn’t have a lot of spare time to go into schools to volunteer, as I was trying to balance study and work. After chatting with a few friends, my friend suggested we create a Babysitting Club, so that we could all get work and experience at the same time. She got promoted a month or two after the initial idea came about, and had to move up to Auckland, so I continued to run and develop the club.  

If parents need a babysitter, how does it work?

Families contact us in need of a sitter, we put the two families in touch and then invoice them once the job has been complete (for all new clients we invoice before hand), this means – no calculating hours and NO GETTING CASH OUT. When the family needs sitter at another date, we ask them to contact us again and we arrange a sitter once again from there (they are able to request the same sitter if they wish).  All bookings must go through the club.

As the women behind the business tell us a bit about you…

Growing up in Raglan exposed me to a creative, culturally inclusive and environmentally cautious life style. My parents have always been heavily involved in the arts and my school embraced culture. My community have always fostered their youth; they have taught their children against prejudice judgements and segregation and have always supported individuals to strive toward being the person they want to be. When the idea of The Babysitters Club arose, it instantly became my passion; I knew I could provide the children of our future what my community had provided for me. With my experiences of being a qualified Primary School Teacher, a nanny, an aupair in both London and Spain and a babysitter for many years, my understanding about children has developed significantly. I love to sing, dance, explore, play games and carry out art projects with the children I care for. I’m a strong believer in reciprocal learning and I value what children teach me every day.

What does a typical day at The Babysitters Club look like?

For me, I wake up in the morning and check and respond to any emails that have come through. The typical day usually consists of me connecting families with babysitters and checking up on babysitters and families to ensure both parties are happy with the work and service they are getting – so talking on the phone, emailing or Facebooking clients and babysitters. Alongside this, I find myself in a lot of meetings with people who are helping me to make my business the best that it can be – and planning, lots of planning – due to being an ideas woman – I am constantly looking into how I can implement new things into the business to make it better for all.

Tell us about some of the great things that your babysitters do with the kids they look after….

LOTS OF ARTS AND CRAFTS – we love kids art and we love allowing them to express their creativity and imagination.

Imaginary Play

Board Games

Hide and Go Seek etc

Trips to the Park and Beach (not often to swim but to build sand castles etc)

Where too next for the The Babysitters Club?

We have many exciting new plans coming up – lots that we can’t give away, but lets just say, we hope to help out many more families across the country, as we have had had such a positive response from our exisiting clients, we feel that others shouldn’t miss out on using our services. We consider ourselves to be an innovative childcare agency, which is understanding, diverse and NEW-AGED – that’s my biggest hint :).  

What is the best way for parents to contact you?

Via Email:

Via Phone or Text: 0273349873

Via Facebook: The Babysitters Club or The Babysitters Club Auckland

Via Website (for Tauranga clients only- Auckland is still a few months away) –

I for one am looking forward to seeing The Babysitters Club grow and expand into other areas of the country. I’m hoping they add Northland to the list soon!

Which part of New Zealand would you like to see them come too?